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Can you or shuttersmiley please tell me why there is no such thing as racism against white people?

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I have some questions for you, actually.

Are you systemically oppressed?

Do you have a history of genocide, enslavement and oppression which still actively leaks and informs your daily life and opportunities?

Is the worse discrimination you’ve experienced being called a cracker in the 6th grade?


Whoa, it does not stop


Racism against White people does not exist. Me calling you a cracker might hurt your feelings but it could never oppress you. Was never used to oppress you. Your history is being Oppressor, not the oppressed.

Meanwhile you calling me a racial slur only enforces the engraved white is right superiority that is literally seeped in everything, from beauty standards to a human value and innocence. All around the world.

You have a million and one links provided for you. Now go learn.

Chuuch, Preach, Tabernacle

School is open.



I’m going to delete my account by the end of the day, because honestly I’m uncomfortable being on here. Today I’ve been told that I deserve to be raped, assaulted, and killed by blacks. That I can’t be loved because of who I am. That I’m ugly. That I’m nothing because I’m white.

Like shit in…

Probably wasn’t smart to put her Facebook and kik up there after pissing off a lot of people with her racism.

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“ I’m black first.. my sympathies are black, my allegiance is black, my whole objectives are black… I am not interested in being American, because America has never been interested in me. ”

—    Malcolm X (via mooramani)

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